Friday, 21 January 2011

An elongated Thokcha with three raised
circular beads. Possibly represents a vajra.
36 mm x 10 mm

35 mm x 15 mm

Armor Thokcha
44 mm x 18 mm

Seated lion thokcha. Half of the body is missing. 30 mm x 28 mm

Monday, 17 January 2011

A small hand carved nephrite jade statue of
Milarepa. 80 mm x  50 mm x 26 mm

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I occasionally like to view past lots that have sold at the Christie's auction house. It is a good way to view rare Tibetan items and marvel at the sheer beauty of objects from a bygone age. This small 13th/14th century rupa of the Mahasiddha Virupa caught my eye today ( height approx 4¾ inches). This sold in March 2000 for $36,800. The Tibetan inscription at the base translates as: "Salutations to the one with the dark red body who makes dangerous persons shake, who holds the skull of immortality in the left hand, who sits in the manner of the king of all, who holds up the sun. Auspiciousness." Click the photo to browse past lots at the Christie's website.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bronze mirror or Toli. 87.91 mm diameter

Antique clay Tārā Tsa Tsa. Stamped on the underside with the seed syllable āḥ in each of the five directions. 66 mm x 48 mm

A very rare hand carved coral statuette displaying the four armed Bodhisattva of Compassion. He is known in Tibet as Chenrezig and in India he is called Avalokiteśvara. 41 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm

Thursday, 6 January 2011

This old wooden object displays fairly crude carvings of male figures on each side. One side shows two animals that look like a Himalayan antelope or goat and the other is perhaps a ram. At the apex on one of the smaller sides, the Tibetan character for the syllable Om can be seen. I was told by the Tibetan seller that it is meant to be hung above a door. It has a patina that shows it has clearly been handled a great deal. It is also possible it was used to make impressions in dough -- thus creating an effigy that could be used in dispelling obstacles. If you know more about the function of this piece and what it represents please let me know. 82 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm

A lovely Thokcha dispalying great age. Only one of the outer circles remains on this piece. Previous owners have worn through each circle due to hundreds of years of daily wear. 43.29 mm x 36.35 mm

Top view of an antique drilbu or bell ring.

This piece reminds me of the small Ongon amulets that are used by Mongolian Shaman, so it is unlikely to have a Tibetan origin. 40 mm x 13.30

Antique set of tingsha with protective case. 

Old silver drilbu and dorje rings.

A small antique copper alloy statue of Vishnu. 68 mm x 37 mm

Antique vajra or dorje copper alloy ring.