Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Collection of Phurba Thokcha (newly created pieces)
Origin: Tibet

Phurba Thokcha (Newly created)
80 mm x 11 mm

Phurba Thokcha (Newly created)
73 mm x 7 mm

Phurba Thokcha (Newly created)
76 mm x 14 mm

Phurba Thokcha (Newly created)
56 mm x 12 mm

Kila or Phurba Thokcha (Newly created)
67 mm x 12 mm

Friday, 23 September 2011

17th Century Ritual Weapons from East Tibet.
From left to right is displayed a Kartika, Phurba and Parashu.
from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Antique Crystal Phurba

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Antique decorated wooden Longevity torma.
The syllable hrīḥ is seen in Lantsa script.
height 8 inches

Tibetan woman c 1930s?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tibet circa 1940

A small collection of Thokcha gathered over a 30 year period. 
Collected mainly from the Dolpo region of Western Nepal.
Recently aquired from the Jerome Mitchell Collection

Gau Thokcha
This piece appears to look like a gau
or portable shrine amulet. It has an amazing
patina and is worn smooth from
centuries of wear.
46 mm x 36 mm

Conch Thokcha
56 mm x 30 mm

 Garuda or Khyung Thokcha 
(one wing is missing)
31 mm x 27 mm

Crouching Lion Thokcha 
48 mm x 15 mm

86 mm x 51 mm

Zoomorphic Fibula
52 mm x 52 mm
Zoomorphic Fibula  
56 mm x 60 mm

Armour Thokcha 
72 mm x 55 mm